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“This reference work illustrates 100 usability design tips for websites and other applications across devices, not only for aesthetics but also for functionality and ease of use. Lal, a digital product designer, addresses advanced website functions, including the creation of a shopping cart, reviews and ratings, mobile commerce, touch screen interfaces, infographics, APIs, and other current technologies. Each topic features a short instructional page with bullet-point recommendations and tips on what to include. A facing page shows real-world examples and/or case studies. Some of the text instructions refer readers to other entries with related design concepts. The content, organized into sections titled “Desktop,” “Web,” “Mobile,” and “Miscellaneous,” is well indexed. Rather than being a technical manual on how to create websites, widgets, or other applications, this volume presents best practices from an ease-of-use perspective. The examples undoubtedly will become outdated soon, but they represent some of the best illustrations of contemporary usability design. The rapid evolution of technology means that few books are available to compare with this one. It will be useful to those interested and/or active in web development or mobile app development.

Summing Up: Recommended. Lower- and upper-level undergraduates, general readers, professionals/practitioners.

–A. R. Hutchinson, Will Smithsonian Institution Libraries
Copyright 2013 American Library The Association

Digital Design Essentials: 100 ways to design better desktop, web, and mobile interfaces?

An ultimate guide to human computer interaction.

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Digital Design Essential

Whether dashboard software or a single-page website, a location-aware mobile app or a 10-foot TV interface, digital design is the tip of the iceberg; the actual design is not how it looks but how it works. Dive deep into the workings of one hundred popular desktop, Web, mobile, and TV user interfaces.

Digital Design Essential is a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary encyclopedia of user interface design. Richly illustrated and easy to navigate, it includes architectural views of the application, best practices and design guidelines, tips for creating a great user experience, along with live examples. Every major user interface concept is defined and illustrated for readers, including command line, “WIMP,” metro UI, skeuomorphic design, accessible web interface, e-commerce, zooming user interface, infographic design, adaptive interface, mobile lifestyle apps, voice interface, and intelligent user interface.

Learn best practices, design guidelines and pointers for creating a compelling user experience.

Digital Design Essential provides the experienced designer with an understanding of application design and user interfaces. Raj Lal points out the different components affecting the user experience and design principles applicable in an array of application interfaces, enabling the reader to understand the inner working of the application, plan key features, apply design guidelines, and choose the best practices instead of reinventing the wheel.

Digital Design Essential:

  • Provides a comprehensive guide to user interface design
  • Explains the know-how necessary to understand the application interface
  • Points out components affecting the user’s experience of the application
  • Provides user interface design guidelines and best practices for design
  • Illustrates concepts with a case study for each essential, using real-life examples

Digital Design Essential is an invaluable resource for graphic artists, UI designers, UX gurus, Web designers, RIA, mobile, and device developers.

Here is the Table of Content, a List of User Interface Design guidelines covered in the book


  1. User Interface (Human Computer Interface)
  2. Command Line Interface
  3. WIMP Interface
  4. Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  5. Photo Editor
  6. Image Manager
  7. Desktop Explorer
  8. Assistant/Software Wizard
  9. Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  10. Media Player
  11. Desktop Widget/Gadget
  12. Dashboard/Scorecards
  13. Instant Messenger (IM)
  14. Chat Room
  15. Video Chat
  16. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System
  17. Direct User Interface
  18. 3D User Interface
  19. Metro UI/Modern UI
  20. Skeuomorphic Design/Faux Real UI


  1. Web User Interface (WUI)
  2. Accessible Web
  3. Website
  4. Homepage
  5. Personal Website
  6. Single-Page Website
  7. Blog
  8. Blogger Template
  9. WordPress Theme
  10. Catalog
  11. Product Page
  12. Shopping Cart
  13. Checkout
  14. User Account/Registration
  15. Login
  16. User Profile
  17. Online Forums
  18. Comment Thread
  19. Sitemap
  20. Resource Center/Help Center
  21. Knowledgebase (KB)
  22. Wiki
  23. Online Surveys
  24. Rating App
  25. Rich Internet Application (RIA)
  26. Web Widget
  27. Book Widget
  28. Banner Ad
  29. Web Slideshow
  30. HTML5 App
  31. Zooming User Interface (ZUI)
  32. Task Tracking System
  33. Content Management System (CMS)
  34. Ajax Web Application
  35. Social Design
  36. Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Web Page
  37. Web 2.0 User Interface Design
  38. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Design
  39. Infographics Design
  40. Adaptive User Interface


  1. Mobile Phone App
  2. Mobile Web App
  3. Hybrid App
  4. Mobile Website
  5. Information App
  6. Mobile Utility App
  7. Lifestyle App
  8. Address Book
  9. Camera App
  10. Photo App
  11. Mobile Game App
  12. Location Aware App
  13. Branded App
  14. Consumer Service App
  15. Augmented Reality App
  16. Bluetooth App
  17. Near Field Communication (NFC) App
  18. Mobile Ads
  19. Mobile Commerce
  20. Mobile Search
  21. Mobile Home Screen
  22. Touch User Interface
  23. Multi-Touch User Interface
  24. Accessible Touch User Interface
  25. Gesture-Based User Interface
  26. Pen-Based Interface
  27. Mobile Clock App
  28. World Clock App
  29. Mashup App
  30. Voice User Interface


  1. 10-Foot User Interface
  2. Games UI
  3. Welcome Email
  4. Email Marketing Campaign
  5. Email Newsletter
  6. E-zine
  7. Natural User Interface
  8. Natural Language Interface
  9. Intelligent User Interface
  10. Organic User Interface


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Digital Design Essentials

Digital Design Essentials - May 2013
100 ways to design better desktop, web, and mobile interfaces

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