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Leica Fotografie International featured Master Shot


Here is the photograph I took using Leica V Lux, at Farmer’s Market Mountain View, which was chosen by Leica Fotografie International in the Master Shots section. Here (Tomato Test 2nd one)

Q: What make this photo extraordinary ?
A: 7 Elements of Composition.

1. Center of Interest
2. Rule of thirds
3. Vibrant color
4. Repetitive patterns
5. Living person
6. Story (tomato test)
7. Perspective

That adds up to 70 in PhotoScore.

Here is the link to individual picture at LFI, and here are my other pictures at LFI. This picture is going to be featured in the book Universal Elements of Composition in Photography, coming soon.

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“Leica Fotografie International featured Master Shot”

  1. On March 24th, 2011 at 5:23 pm Anonymous Says:

    I’m curious as to what PhotoScore is? Is 70 a perfect score? Did you give yourself that grade? Its always been my experience the more technical you get about a photo, the less soul it has.

  2. On March 24th, 2011 at 5:57 pm rajeshlal Says:

    I am adding 10 points for each elements of composition. This is a unique Photo Scoring system which I have created, which give a completely different perspective on looking at photographs, you can instantly see how great pictures have these elements inherently and you can add up and score your own pictures.

    I agree that photography is not about getting technical, and this is not at all technical this is composition elements, the more elements you have in the picture the more interesting the picture becomes, if you understand them you are better photographer.

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