A B C of Design

How do you decide which concepts are best?


The answer is by asking questions . . .

Is there a concept?

Is the design a collection of unrelated parts, or do all of the design elements work to support a single clear message or idea?

Is it original?

Have you seen it before? Is it too obvious a solution? Avoid clichés. They are boring.

Is the concept appropriate?

Could your concept offend potential customers? Do the associations your idea conjures up and the retailer’s image “fit” together?

Is the concept as clearly expressed as possible?

Are all the elements needed, or can some be removed without weakening the message? Does the design feel incomplete?

Is there a clear visual hierarchy?

Identify the dominant, subdominant, and subordinate design elements. Would the concept be clearer with a different dominant or subdominant element, etc.?

Does the use of negative space help the design?

Is it too crowded, or does it feel empty? Do some areas of space look too tight? Is the shape of the negative space simple and comfortable to look at, or does it feel “chopped up”? Does the negative space divide the design in half?

Are all the design elements as good as they can be?

Does anything need to be bigger, smaller, taller, shorter, wider, narrower, etc.? Are the colors saturated enough or too saturated? Is there enough value contrast? Are the visual textures and patterns appropriate and working together? Are the materials and typefaces to be used appropriate?

Questions! Questions! Questions!

Wow, there are a lot of questions!
Yet these are questions that the designer must ask when considering a concept. Furthermore, the designer will continue to ask these questions throughout the entire design process.

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“How do you decide which concepts are best?”

  1. On December 23rd, 2010 at 6:32 am Thoughts on Developing A Design Concept | Van SEO Design Says:

    [...] talking to the client and researching the industry I’m filled with ideas. I’m not sure which concept will work best, but the ideas are there. Once they are I prefer to then stay away from consciously thinking about [...]

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